Couple Helps 2 Senior Cats From Same Mother Spend Their Final Years Together!

Kitty and Smokey are more or less, brother and sister. They share the same birth mother.

They have been together from the very beginning.


They were placed in the same shelter when they got older. Karyn Poplin, who is a cat lover, just knew that she had to help them to be together until their very last days and never be separated

She and her husband own the Kitty Adventure Rescue League & Sanctuary, which is located in Fort Worth, Texas.


Their center provides “life-long care to disabled, special needs, and senior cats,” according to their Facebook page.

When they first heard about Kitty and Smokey, they wanted nothing more for them to be part of the family. The Poplins did an excellent job in taking care of the 18-year-old Kitty and her younger brother, 13-year-old Smokey.


Now they are still together and that’s all thanks to the Poplins!