Five Most Expensive Cat Breeds in 2020

Cats come in all shapes and sizes and hundreds of breeds that can cost thousands. That’s right – there are some special cat breeds that have sold for millions. No matter how crazy it sounds, people are ready to spend that much money on felines and they regularly do so.

Many popular cat breeds are pretty costly. Below you can see a list of the top 10 most expensive cat breeds if you’re ever in the mood of getting one.

Five Most Expensive Cat Breeds in 2020

Russian Blue – around $1,700

The Russian blue cat is very popular right now and one of the best-looking breeds we’ve seen. A kitten will cost you around $1,700, which is the lowest price point on this list. Still not that low if you ask us.

Russian blue cat

Peter Bald Cat – over $2,500

A Russian breed of cat from Saint Petersburg, the Peter bald cat is one of the most expensive breeds ever. If you can find one, it usually costs over $2,500. It comes in velour-flocked and short-haired varieties. Which one’s your pick?

Peter Bald Cat

Persian Cat – over $3,000

Persians are a long-haired breed cat with a round face and a whopping price tag of over $3,000. It’s widely popular, though, especially in the USA and UK.

Persian Cat

Bengal Cat – over $5,000

No, that’s not a Bengal tiger kitty. It’s actually a domestic breed and one of the most unique we’ve seen. This kind of kitty will set you back well over $5,000. It’s worth it, though. You can finally jump scare your buddies by bragging about your tiger cat.

Bengal Cat

Savannah Cat – over $25,000

The king among cats. Well, at least in terms of price. A Savannah cat kitten costs over $25,000 and is quite rare to find. For that kind of money, one would think that it’s not that popular, but many people actually pay for these cats.

Savannah Cat