Dennis Quaid Adopts a Cat Named by Him

Legendary Hollywood actor Dennis Quaid is a huge animal lover. The 66-year old star recently came across news of a cat wearing his name. The cat was up for adoption at a shelter in Virginia and from the moment he saw the news, he couldn’t stop thinking about it. Not a few days later, he decided to adopt it.

Kitty Quaid is a 6-year old who likes to watch movies, not star in them. When Quaid’s representative called the shelter and explained the situation, they thought it was a joke. Eventually, Quaid and his co-host Jimmy Jelinek convinced the staff it’s not a prank with a Zoom call. Needless to say, the staff at the shelter was over the moon that Quaid is adopting Quaid.

We’re not sure what the Quaids are doing right now, but we would be pretty disappointed if they’re not cuddling while watching Frequency or The Parent Trap.