Woman Makes Apology for Thieving Cat Who Keeps Stealing Neighbours’ Possessions

We all know that cats are the perfect burglars. They don’t call professional thieves cat burglars for nothing. Cats are sneaky and very careful, moving like a ninja when they want to snatch something. It’s also in their nature to steal things that are not theirs as Kate Baker from Hampshire recently learned.

The 35-year old woman has a black cat called Pixel that has recently been caught in the act. Aged two, the cat apparently started its thieving spree some time last year, when Kate’s neighbors noticed items disappearing from their yards and homes. A year later, Kate finally learned the shocking truth – Pixel was the thief all along.

She made a desperate plea in an Andover Facebook group to return the items to the rightful owners. Kate also apologized for Pixel’s behavior and vowed to never let it happen again. From pine cones to carpets (!) and gloves and toys, Pixel’s rampage has been well documented.

Some bits have already been returned, while others are still in Kate’s home waiting to be returned to their original owners. While we wait for the resolution, here are a few pics of the cat burglar with his prey: