Dog and Campers Save Orphaned Kittens Hiding Under Small Boat

What a wonderful and inspiring rescue story we found on reddit!

A group of campers and a dog were trekking through a wooded area with leaves covering just about everything.

Suddenly, their dog ran ahead to a small boat which had been tipped upside down on the ground. The dog began to run around the boat anxiously and making high pitched barking sounds as if trying to communicate something important to her humans.

The campers turned the boat upside down to discover two motherless kittens apparently hiding in fear.

Having fallen completely in love with the two kittens, the dog immediately began to wash and groom the two kitties who were probably needed good and thorough baths at the time.

“We waited around for the mother for quite a while. There was no sign of her,” one of the guys said on reddit.

The two kittens were taken to a nearby vet and both were declared healthy and so, two of the campers decided to keep them for themselves, giving both furries the forever home of their dreams.

All thanks for a helpful dog who unlike many people, knew the value of these two innocent lives.

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