Ex-Boyfriend Gets Replaced With A Cat In Family Photos And The Results Are Hilarious!

A break-up can be horrifying – besides being left with a broken heart, you also need to eliminate all things that remind you of your ex so you can move on with your life. This is especially difficult in this difficult age when we take pics all the time. Fortunately, we have friends that can help us through the painful experience, and for Chloe Forsberg, it was a cat named Woof.

Chloe adopted Woof when he was a kitten and she was only 10 years old. Since that happened, they remained friends their whole life. “He was the cutest and friendliest kitten I’ve met – even people who didn’t like cats loved Woof!”, Chloe says.

Even when Chloe moved out of her parent’s home, they remained close. They shared an unbreakable bond, unlike Chloe and her ex. The couple lived together for 4 years and took photos every single day.

Some of these photos were at family weddings, which became a big problem when they split up. Chloe didn’t want to see her ex-beau in these pictures and her sister had a brilliant idea.

Emily Forsberg surprised her sister when she photoshopped Woof in the pictures at the place of her ex-boyfriend. The results are hilarious and have brought a bit of light into Chloe’s life!

Chloe says that Emily’s always been the more creative sister. Even though she was pretty upset at that time, Emily helped her laugh. It eventually helped her move on and she says there are no hard feelings now.

Emily even replaced a few other boyfriends in their family, just in case they break-up.

Unfortunately, Woof passed away at the age of 16, with the family photos remaining a part of his legacy.