Feral Cat “Adopted” by Staff-members at a Recycling Center!

SITA, UNITED KINGDOM – And so, a cat has been unofficially adopted by Crediton recycling centre staff after coming to the centre last year.

The tortoiseshell cat was first discovered inside a container of carpets and mattresses believed to have come from the Exton Road recycling centre in Marsh Barton.

Kind-hearted visitor Emma Benjamin, who launched a Facebook appeal, had no luck in her attempts to find the cat’s owner, but confirmed it was enjoying life down at the recycling centre.

She said: “I tried to get the Blue Cross to take her but they said they needed to see a video of her interacting with people. So in the end the guys at the recycling centre have kept her. They’ve fallen in love with her.”

“I believe there is a van driver that is considering re-homing her.”

“I’ve dropped off a few bags of food for her and I think she gets more attention than a cat who lives in a normal home because there’s somewhere there every day.”

A spokesman for Devon County Council said: “The cat is still there. After the last press reports, a local resident did go to the site to see if it was her lost cat but it wasn’t. The cat is semi wild and appears to be living under a outbuilding at the site – it’s well fed and seems perfectly content as it is.”