Milk Chocolate Kitty Delivers Himself To Someone’s Door To Be Taken In

This tiny brown kitten showed up on a family’s porch with no mother to be found. Soon everyone realized that the kitten had chosen their house as his new home.

“(His) mother had 4 kittens total but this one has been hanging out alone on my porch for a few days with no evidence that momma will come and get him.” imgur user CinnamonSugar wrote.

The kitten kept arriving their front porch, so they knew they had no choice but to take him in as he had chosen their place as his new home.

The family has named him Hershey!

He is so tiny that he’s barely the size of a banana!

It didn’t take long for the kitty’s personality to come out and they have discovered that he is extremely playful.

How would you like to have your own milk chocolate kitty delivered to your doorstep?

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