Woman Rescues Blind Orange Cat and Discovers “Soul Cat” Who Transforms Her Life

Meet Orbit, a truly extraordinary feline. Born with undeveloped eyes, his disability hasn’t prevented him from savoring life with zest and enthusiasm. Often described as brimming with “orange cat energy,” he enjoys the simple pleasures like any sighted cat would. His human mom, Ashley, knew it was love at first sight and shares her home with Orbit and his canine brother Axil Bean, who is also a rescue. This dynamic duo serves as a heartwarming testament to the saying “who rescued who.”

Braving Life’s Challenges

Orbit’s courage is nothing short of inspirational. According to Ashley, just two days after bringing him home, he faced a critical situation. “He was running a 106 fever, yet still purring, when we rushed him to the emergency room,” she told us. A brief stay at the veterinary clinic seemed to improve his condition, but soon afterward, he faced another hurdle. He developed three severe upper respiratory infections, attributed to the undeveloped tissue where his eyes should have been.

Upon the vet’s advice, the tissue was removed through surgery. Post-operation, a remarkable improvement was observed in Orbit’s health. “This little guy defines courage, and his love for life knows no bounds,” Ashley exclaimed.

The Joy of Exploration

Orbit’s keen senses and zest for life make him an avid explorer. Accompanied by his mom and brother, he relishes outdoor adventures. “Though I’ve never seen the world, I’ve mastered the art of feeling and tasting my way around. I’m an incredibly happy and adventurous soul,” he quips.

Ashley finds immense joy in observing Orbit experience the wonders of life. “Being his safe space brings me an immense sense of fulfillment,” she says. Interestingly, Orbit has also managed to convert some cat skeptics. Ashley reports, “My friends and family always claimed they didn’t like cats until they met Orbit.”

Orbit’s influence extends far beyond converting cat skeptics; he’s been a lifeline for Ashley as well. “My mental health was quite poor, and knowing that he needed me gave me the strength to carry on. I knew he would never stop looking for me. He’s really special, and I am incredibly lucky to have him,” Ashley confided in us.

In addition to his charming personality, Orbit doesn’t shy away from flaunting cute outfits, often chosen by his doting mom. Ashley considers both her rescue pets as her children and delights in dressing Orbit in newborn children’s attire. Her closing advice? “I found my ‘soul cat’ by adopting a special needs pet. I encourage everyone to consider giving special needs animals a chance.”

Orbit’s story isn’t just heartwarming; it serves as a beacon of hope and courage, showing us that the bonds formed with our furry friends can truly be life-altering.