Florida Shelter Needs Assistance Having Rescued 40 to 80 Cats from Hoarding Situation!

FLORIDA – The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has uncovered an extreme case of animal hoarding in the Town of Florida.

Literally, dozens of cats were found living in deplorable conditions, Thursday.

As of Thursday night, 13 cats were rescued from the home and were brought to the Montgomery County SPCA.

Almost 40 more still remain at the home.

Antonio Baker, who is the shelter manager at the Montgomery County SPCA described the situation he discovered when he stepped into the Florida home.

Cats needed to climb over filth-covered trash bags, making their way across floors layered with newspaper and garbage.

Baker explained there was no cat food in sight, just a pile of pasta which sat on a nearby counter, next to a stove buried under inches of feces.

He stated a middle-aged man lived alongside these dozens of cats in a home with no running water.

Despite the grotesque conditions within the home, baker says the man clearly loved his cats.

The cats have now all been vaccinated, de-wormed, and all of them have been named after Pokemon characters.

Medical costs could skyrocket up between $100 and $400 each cat, so the Montgomery County SPCA is asking for help.

Baker, who just spent 11 years in the military, and says caring for both animals and other humans is just in his nature.

“My main concern is to make sure that the cats get the help they need,” claims Baker.

The Montgomery county sheriff’s Department is actively handling the case.

They have not yet confirmed whether the owner of the cats will face any animal cruelty charges.

The rest of the 40 or so cats will probably be removed by Saturday, and be available for adoption in about a month from now.