She Found This Tiny Kitten Out In The Pouring Rain, And What She Did Is Absolutely Incredible.

Kathryn Van Beek was just walking home on a heavy rain-soaked pathway in Auckland, New Zealand, when she found a little creature out of the corner of her eye. At the beginning, she thought it was a rat and her first impression was to recoil from the sight.

However, upon closer inspection, she realized it was a small , tiny, wet and cold kitty. That’s when she knew she had to do something to help.


The kitty was very tiny and still had his umbilical cord attached.


Kathryn brought him home and gave him the name Bruce, after Bruce Wayne.


After 12 days, he still had some issues opening his eyes and weighed only about 100 grams.


Before too long, Bruce’s wonderful eyes were open.


Not long after that, he was able to eat all by himself.


What an inspiration little Bruce Wayne is indeed!


Love can “meowve” mountains!