Split-Colored Cat Fathers Kittens In His Own Colors

Aren’t split-colored kittens simply gorgeous? It’s like nature had fun with their coats, sometimes splitting their colors smack down the middle of their face and bodies. In 2018, the Internet first met Narnia, a beautiful cat with a gray-black face. Stephanie Jiminez, Narnia’s owner, says that the tiny kitten grew into quite the heartthrob. And, while there’s no sure way of knowing if this genetic trait passes on to a cat’s kittens, Narnia recently fathered two with color coats that match his unique face.

The siblings called Phoenix and Prada have gray and black hairs respectively. They look just like their dad and are handsome to his liking as well. Check them out – the tiny cuties are just adorable!

More Info: amazingnarnia