Girl Risks Own Life To Rescue Kitten On Highway – This Clip WILL LEAVE YOU BREATHLESS!

A student from a Saint Petersburg college risked her own life to save a terrified kitten wandering on a busy highway.

The entire rescue operation saw drivers of a passing ambulance and a trolleybus pulling over to help get the kitten to safety.

A video obtained by RT’s Ruptly agency shows the student, identified as Aida Suleymanova, bravely climbing over a safety fence separating the roadside from a multi-lane highway as she follows a white-and-black kitten.

Aida gestures vigorously, in an attempt to warn the passing drivers off the helpless feline until an ambulance stops. However, the wayward kitten immediately hides underneath the vehicle, refusing to come out.

It took the joint effort of the driver of the ambulance, a trolleybus driver and many students to finally evacuate the forlorn kitten.

“On our way from college my friends and I spotted a kitten on the road and embarked on a rescue mission. Ambulance and a trolley bus driver helped us with that. The world is not without kind people,” Aida noted in a post on the Russian social network VK.

She later commented on YouTube that the kitten found a new home as an acquaintance has agreed to adopt it.

Way to go, Aida!

Photo/video credits: Ruptly