Kitten With Two Faces Was Born In China – Actually Meowed From Both Sides

A farmer who lives in China was stunned when his cat gave birth to a kitten with two faces.

The rare kitten, who was born in the Longqiao township of Fenjie County, Chongqing, on September 17, according to, citing Chongqing Morning Post.

The poor, tiny animal only lived for two days and died on the afternoon of September 19, said the report.

Mr Liu, who was the kitten’s owner, explained to the reporter that he, his family and his neighbors had been both surprised and delighted by the arrival of the tiny deformed kitten.

Mr Liu said his neighbors gathered at his home on September 18, the day after the kitten was born, to see the extraordinary feline.

The kitten was one of the three kittens in the litter and was said to have four eyes, two noses and also two mouths.

The other two kittens were understood to be healthy.

The kitten’s mother, who is a three-year-old cat, gave birth two five healthy kittens just last year, according to Mr Liu.

Experts claimed it was very likely that the kitten had had a gene mutation during fetal development.

A two-faced cat is often referred to as a Janus cat – after the ancient Roman god of doorways who had two faces looking to the future and the past.

Sadly, two-faced cats rarely live long.

One of the world’s most famous Janus cats was Frank and Louie, AKA Frankenlouie.

Frankenlouie, who was from Massachusetts, United States, sadly died in 2014 at the age of 15 after previously setting the Guiness World Record in 2012 as the oldest surviving Janus cat.