Stuck Kitten Saved by Facebook Post!

UNITED KINGDOM – A kitten has successfully been rescued from the top of a lamp post – thanks to a post on Facebook!.

Eagle-eyed neighbor Vicky Hale spotted the kitten on the lamp post outside her house in Dewyk Road, Canvey, and immediately sprung into action to help get the five-month-old tabby kitten to safety after realizing it was stuck.

She called both the fire service and RSPCA, but neither were able to help.

The kitten had begun to get a bit desperate and had climbed further up the lamp post to get onto the top.


She stated: “I don’t know how he managed to get there and survive without falling, although he nearly fell.

“The height he was at was just above the height of my house, so he was obviously very scared.”

Out of sheer desperation, she put a post on Facebook and was thrilled when Russ Hurn, of company Hot Hire which has a fleet of fire engines used for events and weddings, responded, claiming he was on his way.


Mr. Hurn, who has been a firefighter in Kent for about 25 years before setting up the business, said: “It just shows the wonderful world of Facebook.

“I was having my tea when my wife said there was a cat stuck up a lamp post.

“I told her to see if they had called the fire service, and apparently they couldn’t come out because of the cuts to the service and the RSCPA were three hours away. We are big cat lovers so I went out there and it was great to be able to help out.”

Mr. Hurn went on to explain that he had dealt with many calls to cats being stuck when he was a firefighter but hadn’t tackled any since leaving.

He then added: “There was no way the cat could have got down by itself as it was properly stuck.

“It would have died if we hadn’t have been able to get it down.

“It was great to be able to help.”

He went on to say that the cat seemed to be very appreciative of being rescued from its predicament, before being handed back to his owners.

Great job, guys!