A Cat with A Human Face? We Assure You It’s Real!

As we all know, cats are supposed to be fluffy and cute, not look like a human. Take a look at this Main Coon – it’s only 2 months old and it already looks like, well, a human being! An old human being if we’re being honest. The kitten named Valkyrie set the internet on fire thanks to its creepy face, which, we must admit, looks a bit disturbing.

As soon as a video of Valkyrie hit Instagram, people have cringed in the comments. And, they’re right – we have a nearly perfect image of kittens in our head, and Valkyrie has ruined it! She looks just like a senior citizen or your uncle who you haven’t seen for ages. Even the shape of her mouth looks a bit concerned, like she’s reprimanding you for something you’ve done wrong.

The round shape of Valkyrie’s face is just plain weird, and the salt-and-pepper fur doesn’t really soften the blow the kitty has been dealt. It’s just like staring at those inch-long chin hairs grandma has – yuck!

Valkyrie comes from Russia, so maybe that’s why she has that look on her face. On some of the pics it looks old and tired (remember the kitten is 2 months old!), while in others it looks pissed. The kitten’s a freak of nature we haven’t seen up until now.


We feel bad for the kitty – it just looks too human for us to be amused!