This Tiny Kitten Wouldn’t Be Able To Grow If It Wasn’t For His Surrogate Dad!

Ellen Carozza, a vet at the NOVA Cat Clinic was recently brought a tiny kitten in need of special care. The tin angel fits in a cupcake box and even with its size, he tries to be a good boy.

The kitten is named Francis and was brought to Ellen due to his small size. It seems like Francis isn’t developing as he should. While he stayed small, his siblings already grew up. Ellen discovered that he also had heart murmur and was losing hair at the same time. The kitten was even sent on a thyroid test and other tests as well.

“I’m waiting on two more tests for confirmation on other ailments, but we’re confident he’ll be fine”, Ellen says. Francis’s size isn’t stopping him from acting like a normal kitty. He’s constantly meowing and purring, asking everyone to pick him up.

One of the NOVA Clinic cats has a soft spot for kitties in need. He’s already saved dozens of kittens and immediately took Francis under his wing as well. Francis loved it too and is now enjoying the time spent with his foster father. He’s actually learning a lot of things that can help him develop.

Francis is wrestling with toys twice his size and climbs scratching posts just like any other kitten. His foster father Benny is watching his steps closely and making sure he isn’t hurt.

The NOVA Clinic was designed with the goal of helping neonatal cats like Francis to thrive. Francis is doing fine at the moment – just take a look how handsome the boy is!

As soon as Francis is done eating his formula, papa Benny licks his face. Francis may be tiny, but he has the heart of a lion.

He’s currently hanging out with two cat roomies who also need help. Here’s Francis (18 days old) compared to a 4-day old kitten.

Thanks to Benny’s love and help and the staff, Francis is expected to have a good life. He’s a fighter that regularly beats the odds and he’ll surely grow strong one day.