Kieran Hayler – Katie Price’s Lux Mansion Reeks of Cat Urine!

According to Kieran Hayler, Katie Price’s former estranged husband, one of the reasons why their marriage broke down is because the model’s home smelled of cat piss! Hayler says that Price’s pets Dobby and Hagrid (Harry Potter fan, obviously) were not potty trained when they got them as kitties, resulting in the stench.

Kieran Hayler complained Katie Price’s cat Hagrid urinated on his clothes

Price gave Dobby up for adoption after he clashed with her dog, but the other cat stayed in her luxurious home. Earlier this year, there was a fire in their son’s bedroom, when a scented candle lit to mask the smell of cat piss fell and burned a rug.

Katie and Kieran finally split in May after a turbulent marriage

Hayler was Katie Price’s third husband. The pair split up in May after a turbulent marriage and the cat piss stench was obviously one of the major factors. As Hayler told The Sun, things were pretty bad with the cats as they were marking their territory all day long.

Moggy love: Katie’s cats Hagrid (left) and Dobby (right – who has since been rehomed)

Hagrid and Dobby were the only two cats in Price’s small ‘zoo’ which included bunnies, pigs, dogs, chameleon, African hedgehog, guinea pigs, and even goats. According to Hayler, price didn’t have the time to look after all pets and constantly urged her to put them up for adoption but she wouldn’t hear about it.

Katie and Kieran in happier times with her pets

Price is currently in therapy for PTSD and is reportedly facing bankruptcy. Hayler, however, isn’t convinced by her commitment to rehab. He hopes that it’s not a PR stung, as he feels that the former TV star is in serious need of help.