Rare Condition: Find Out Why This Black Cat Is Turning White!

At 18 years old, Scrappy the cat is still in great health. In fact, he’s still a kitten at heart. You would be likely to find him sitting in boxes, rolling over for belly rubs, or perhaps even waiting eagerly for feeding time. He’s pretty much just an average cat–except for his unique black and white fur coat.

Scrappy was born pure black, but many years ago his coat started to develop a few white patches. These random white spots began to appear more and more, and now his fur looks to be about equal parts black and white. Though the color changes do seem to have slowed down in recent years, it’s left the cat with a one-of-a-kind look that makes him quite special and beautiful!

The color change is more than likely the result of a rare condition which is called Vitiligo. That is the condition Michael Jackson had which eventually caused his skin pigment to change. However, it doesn’t cause any health issues for Scrappy. He’s still the same exact lovable kitty he’s always been. In fact, the only difference is that now, he looks even more unique and interesting than ever!

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