Kitten Found Dyed in Purple and Used as Chew Toy Is Now Fully Grown!

CALIFORNIA – Most of you will remember ‘Smurf,’ the kitty who was dyed purple and more than likely used as a chew toy for fighting dogs.

Back when the story and our hearts first broke a few months ago, Smurf’s story went absolutely viral, reminding one and all of us of the many injustices kittens and cat’s face on a daily basis, all over the world!

Smurf today looks like an entirely different kitty. He has lost all of the purple and his true color and markings now shine through like the sun on a clear day, proving once again that with a little love and patience and kindness, miracles CAN HAPPEN!

What a transformation!


Smurf was originally taken to the Nine Lives Foundation and they literally did everything in the book to not only save Smurf’s life but to restore him to his original adorable kitty-self.

Many weeks of urgent care and love followed and day by day, little by little, Smurf was reborn! His confidence began to improve and he once again, and maybe for the very first time in his life, was learning to trust people. He even began to make other furry friends along the way on his magical journey of recovery!

Along the way, Smurf made a new friend … a very special blind rescue kitty by the name of Wanda.

They quickly became the best of friends!

“The cages were completely full, and Wanda didn’t have a place to sleep. That’s when staff members got an idea,” Nine Lives wrote. “Both Wanda and Smurf, being such young kittens and having gone through such traumatic events, needed a little comfort.”

“Smurf and Wanda immediately snuggled in together inside their cage.”

“As the days went on, Smurf’s purple coat began to grow out into a beautiful gray – leaving behind the tragic events of the past and basking in his cozy new environment.”

These two adorable miracle cats now live together in a loving forever home and are the very best of friends!

What a gorgeous pair!


It’s hard to believe this is the same purple Smurf we saw months ago when the story first came to light!


What a difference a little love can make in the lives of animals in need, indeed, and Smurf and Wanda are BOTH living proof of that!

Check out Smurf’s adorable video here!

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Photo and video credits: Nine Lives Foundation!