Kitten Stuck in Stove Rescued by Boston ARL


WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS — Boston’s Animal Rescue League team set out to Worcester to get a little kitten out of trouble, calming a very concerned mama cat.

Over this past weekend, a curious kitten found its way under a stove in a Worcester apartment. He squeezed through a hole where his body fit going in, but chose a smaller hole as the route out, getting his head stuck.

The Animal Rescue of League arrived on the scene to save the day.

“It tried to exit through a much smaller hole, and was only able to get its head through,” said Dorothy Joyce from ARL. “It squeezed through frontwards but was unable to retract it backwards. I was able to cut and bend the metal, making the hole large enough to extract the kitten.”

The kitten is around six to eight weeks old, and has since been reunited with its mom, who reportedly was “very concerned.”

Photo credits: Boston Animal Rescue League