Kitten With Adorable Butterfly-Shaped Nose Grows Into Majestic Fluffy Cat

In 2014, a rescue cat named Dorothy gave birth to a litter of six, with one special cat among them. One of the kittens was born with a butterfly-shaped nose and a kinked tail, and it was instantly clear that it was special.

Dorothy has been rescued in Langley, Canada by a local pet shelter who found her abandoned by her previous owners and pregnant. However, their neighbors stepped in and took the cat, and she soon gave birth to 6 cute kittens. One of them had a butterfly-shaped nose due to a congenital cleft lip, but it was just as cute as the others. However, the defect meant that the little guy would require special care and feeding, and it’s great that the rescuers were lucky to do it.

Cleft lip occurs when the lips don’t join while the kitten is still in the womb, which leaves a slight separation and opening. This can go as far up as the nose and cause a cleft palate, which is an even bigger problem. Luckily, this little guy had some great help by the rescuers, and will live a normal life. He’s been bottle-fed every couple of hours, and his defect didn’t seem to affect him.

The kitten was named Professor Pudgeblossom Marvel, and certainly blossomed into a beautiful kitten. 5 weeks later, he’s running around with his siblings and enjoying life to the fullest.

He’s silly, fun and adventurous, but the rescuers were still unable to find him a new home. Professor Pudgeblossom Marvel grew every day and was looking more and more adorable. As luck would have it, the cleft lip didn’t affect his looks or cat, and he grew into a pretty handsome boy.

5 months later, Professor Pudgeblossom Marvel was finally adopted, and the family decided to take one of his siblings as well! Toto is Pudgeblossom’s brother and best friend, and they’re loving life in their new home.

They settled right at home pretty quickly.

Marvel continued growing and is getting fluffier by the day!

3 years later, the brothers are all grown up and handsome, and Marvel is just as special as everyone knew he would be.