Over 100 Cats Rescued from Deplorable North Texas Home

VERNON, TEXAS – Exactly 108 cats were rescued from a 1,100 square-foot home in the city of Vernon on Thursday.

According to the Humane Society of North Texas the cats were discovered earlier this week, and the Humane Society partnered with the City to check out the home.

When crews arrived at the scene scene they found the home in deplorable condition with the floors covered in wood shavings and one entire room made into a makeshift litter box.

The Humane Society says the home smelled of ammonia and feces, and some of the cats had been medically neglected. Many of the cats have been treated for parasites and other various infections at a quarantine facility.

Five of the cats were put down due to life-threatening illnesses.

The owners of the cats have not been charged relating to the case at the present time.

The Humane Society of North Texas has started a fundraiser to help prepare the rescue cats for adoption.