A Look into “Nine Lives,” Starring Kevin Spacey as a Cat Named Mr. Fuzzypants!

The newly released trailer for the family comedy Nine Lives has premiered in which Kevin Spacey is turned into a cat called Mr. Fuzzypants.

The Oscar-winning actor stars as a wealthy hotshot businessman who devotes too much time to business and not enough to his family.

And when he stops to pick up a cat to give to his daughter after he missed her birthday party, something weird happens and he suddenly finds himself as his own family’s new pet.

The trailer opens with Jennifer Garner decorating their beautiful home for their daughter’s birthday party but by the time she gets to serving up the cake, he still hasn’t arrived home.

She calls Spacey and tells him he needs to get home quickly and bring a fabulous present with him to make up for missing the party.
He stops off at a quirky little store that sells cats which is run by the one and only …Christopher Walken.

After he picks out a puss, things get a little weird and Walken casts a spell on Spacey, turning him into a furry feline.

He tells Spacey that he has one week to repent of his bad daddy behavior or he’ll leave him as cat forever.

Walken then drops him off in a pet carrier on the doorstep with a nameplate that says the cat’s name is Mr. Fuzzypants.

His daughter played by Malina Weissman, naturally is overjoyed that she’s finally got her longed-for cat, although she’s confused as to just why her father seems to have vanished.

She’s seen bonding with her new pet, bathing him and even making him dance on his two hind legs.

Mr. Fuzzypants, meanwhile, manages to get into lots of trouble as he tries to convince his wife that he is, in fact, her long missing husband.

Nine Lives is scheduled to open in theaters in North America on August 5.