Lost Cat in Need of Help Befriends a Traveling Man, Begging for Help

A very friendly stray cat crossed paths with a kind man while he was out in the country. She begged for attention and love and wouldn’t let him go for anything!

“While visiting relatives over the holidays, we found this hungry but good natured tailless cat (possibly a Manx) wandering around by their cabin out in the country,”John said.

The cat was so friendly and just couldn’t get enough love and attention from her new human friend. She rubbed her face on his hand and would then hop onto his shoulders to give him kisses.

John knew they simply had to help the kitty out…

“Got a call a couple days later and found out my cousin found her owner by checking a few farm houses around the area. Turns out that it is a 12 year old female that went missing for a while. Her small size and good condition made me think that she was young.”

“I’m glad to hear that she was reunited with her family since they were really missing their pet.”

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Source: lovemeow.com

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