Mom Desperate to Find Missing Cat for ‘Distraught’ Autistic Daughter!

UNITED KINGDOM – A Mottingham mother is desperate for her missing cat to be found because her eight-year-old daughter, who has autism, literally depends on him and “is not eating and can’t stop crying”.

The family, who live in Downleys Close, have been struggling over the past few years due to Tianni’s condition, bullying at school, and her mother Tracy’s poor health.

The cat, whose name is Max, who has not been seen since around 10.30am last Wednesday (August 24), has helped Tianni through difficult times.

Ms Stratton, 47, stated : “This cat was the cat equivalent of a support dog, he was so fantastic with her, when she gets bored or fed up she goes and sits with him.

“Since he’s gone missing she’s been in bits.

“Without knowing what he was doing, Max helped her learn to smile again and every time she is upset, Max is there to put himself in the way and take her mind off whatever is troubling her.

“She is so distraught she is not eating and can’t stop crying.

“He went missing on the way to the vets, the cat detests the sight of the cat carrier, and he decided that he had had enough.

“He was pushing and shoving about that he managed to work the front or the top loose. He just literally ran for his life.”


She went on to say: “I just can’t explain how much this cat means to her, he has been a total saving grace.

“When no human could get through to her he has managed.”

Last year Ms. Stratton said to News Shopper of the bullying Tianni experienced at a Greenwich primary school.

She stated: “Each week my daughter changed personality and would not say why.

“My daughter went from a bright, happy and vibrant little girl who wanted to play with her friends and do what other girls her age were doing to being a recluse, like a flower that has wilted.”

Ms. Stratton has been struck by the community’s support in trying to find her daughter’s beloved cat.

She concludes: “Until we had been showed so much kindness over Max, I lost faith in human nature, some of the comments were so cruel.”