Most Popular Black and White Cat Breeds

Cats come in different shapes and sizes, with white ones being among the most popular. However, black and white kitties are quite popular too, with their tuxedo-like appearance having millions of fans around the globe. A black and white cat looks quite striking, even though it’s the least complex fur pattern out there. It’s a classy mix that many cat breeds have. From mixed-breed Mogies to purebred felines, below we have the most popular black and white cats you should know about.

Top Black and White Cats

Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex is one of the most popular black and white cats of all time. It’s got famous tight and curly rows of fur with wide ears and slender body. Many call them the greyhounds of the cat kingdom and that’s not far from the truth. Cornish Rex kitties are social and pretty energetic. They want nothing more than to play all day long.

Cornish Rex kittens are pretty smart too and they enjoy company. Surprisingly, they can be taught impressive tricks and more often than not, they can provide support as therapy cats too. If you’re looking for a slender type of black and white cat, this one fits the profile.


Munchkins are among the cutest black and white cats. They have shorter feet than other breeds on this list. it’s a genetic mutation that looks good on them. Of course, they aren’t predominantly black and white – they come in different color patterns. However, you can find them in this color mix too, and it looks great on them.

This black and white cat breed has a social and outgoing personality that loves having fun. They need a bit of grooming, though, so make sure to get a quality hairbrush. Munchkins are about a foot and a half long and have legs that are shorter by 3 inches than the average cat. There are concerns about their health problems caused by the body shape, but for most cat lovers, that won’t be a problem.


black and white Manx cat

A tailless cat breed, the Manx is often called dog-like. Regardless, it’s a playful kitty with a unique appearance that is even-tempered. The Manx is quite energetic too and just like dogs, it can be trained.

The most common fur patterns for this breed are black and white. Of course, they can come in other coat colors too. Keep in mind that this cat breed sheds a lot and may have back and spine problems. This is a cat breed that’s commonly known as quite the mouser. If you live in a house, get ready for some hunting.

Maine Coon

Maine Coons are among the largest cat breeds, but they have a reputation as gentle giants. Their distinct look and luscious coat give them a unique, rich appearance. As a result, these kitties are very popular around the world.

In terms of character, Maine Coons are affectionate and loyal, but rarely too needy. They are expert mousers, though, so they might not be suitable in homes with additional smaller cat breeds.


The Persian cat comes in different coat color combinations including black and white. These are the lushest fur patterns of them all. As a black and white cat, the Persian looks truly amazing with its long hairs and large eyes. The smushed faces complete the picture of these low-energy cats.

However, don’t mistake their lazy nature for low-maintenance cats. Their lengthy coat requires daily grooming and brushing. If you don’t brush them on time, the coat can get quite matted and uncomfortable. Seeing how it is this breed’s unique feature, you should keep the grooming in mind.

Oriental Shorthair

Oriental Shorthairs have quite a unique appearance, especially in the black and white variety. These cats are often mistaken for Siamese which is a relative, but the two are very different. Just like the Siamese cat, a black and white Oriental cat is even-tempered, often talkative, and very inquisitive. The breed will produce a lot less Fel D1 protein that can treat allergies, making it somewhat hypoallergenic (although no cat breed is).

The short-haired black and white coat means that these cats feel cold much more than others. There’s an Oriental cat with a longer coat, but that one is classified as a separate breed.

Siberian Cat

We all know how Siberian cats look like. They have semi-long hair and a triple coat that comes in different color patterns. Black and white is one of the varieties. The long-haired coat is an evolutionary trait that was needed for the cats to survive in the freezing subarctic regions of Siberian after which the cat got its name.

This is an affectionate and very playful cat breed that has striking looks. Brown Siberian tabbies are the most common, but black and white Siberian cats are among the most popular.

Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold kitties come in black and white coat patterns and have small, folded-over ears. These cute cats have a laid-back and friendly, outgoing personality, so they’re a perfect match for families with children. This cat breed bears a high risk of developing degenerative joint diseases that can impact the development of cartilage and bone. The dense coat requires regular grooming and daily brushing.

While the breed comes in many coat colors, the black and white variety is among the most popular ones.


Domestic cats don’t have a set fur color pattern. They can be brown, grey, orange, or black and white. The latter are is among the most popular color combinations. Moggies may not have formal papers like the rest of the cat breeds on this list, but they are still beautiful, intelligent, and affectionate.


The Turkish Angora looks best in black and white. The lush hair makes the Angora quite a royal-looking cat with a distinct look. in terms of character, Angoras are affectionate and social. They require a lot more exercise than any other cat, and if they get bored, they can get mischievous. Make sure to dedicate some time to them or you will suffer the consequences.