Kitten With Congenital Defect Now Plays Normally Thanks to Owner’s Inventive Idea!

A congenital defect hasn’t stopped this kitten in the least from playing thanks to a brilliant idea from his owner.

Lydia got Marcus back when he was only 4 weeks old. He was born with a congenital defect which caused a hole in his body where his umbilical cord should be.

Unfortunately, Marcus is much too small to have this hole surgically repaired. This left his owner to think of possible ways that he might still enjoy life like the playful kitten that he is.

And so, she had the genius idea of putting a sock on him. The sock acts just like a second skin for him, keeping all of Marcus’s inside in and in place.

And as you can plainly see in the video he is able to run around and play just like a kitten should.

And to boot, he also gets to wear a really cool sock-sweater!