Senior Cat Complaints If You Take His Sweater Off

While most casts might seem the same to people, each one has a unique character. Every cat has a distinct personality, but the one we’ll talk about today is as unique as it gets. The cat named Steve has recently gone viral on Imgur after his owner posted a video of the cat complaining for his sweater being taken off.

The senior New Jersey cat apparently hates it when his sweater is off. It keeps him warm and comfortable and he loves wearing sweaters all the time. According to Steve’s owner, he is a very affectionate cat who likes to cuddle all day long. His love for sweaters is definitely unique – most cats like them, but they’re not so passionate of wearing them all the time. Or at all.

After moving to another city, his owner put a sweater on his cat so ol’ Steve doesn’t get cold. At first, he didn’t like it, but he eventually grew to it. It most likely feels good on his creaky old bones. When his owner tried to remove the sweater off Steve, the cat complained. The moment he puts the sweater on him again, he quiets down instantly.

Check out pics of Steve in his cute little sweater – they’re sure to melt the iciest of hearts.

Steve is an 18-year-old cat from New Jersey who’s recently gone viral on Imgur

One of the more unique things about this little guy is that he wholeheartedly enjoys wearing sweaters

His owner found that out when she was moving to another city and decided to put Steve in a sweater, so he wouldn’t get cold during the flight

“He didn’t like it at first, but by the time he landed, he was happy to wear it”

Now, whenever someone takes a sweater off of him and doesn’t put it right back on, Steve starts complaining

“The moment it goes back on, he’ll quiet down immediately and snuggle up to sleep”