Murdock and Mabel: The Blind Cat and His Guide Cat!

NEW ZEALAND – A cat who was blinded by a crippling eye infection has found a new pair of eyes in a close feline friend.

Born back in January, Murdock arrived at Wellington SPCA with a terrible eye infection, which meant both eyes had to be removed.


However, a new feline best friend is on the lookout for him, guiding him with her scent and licking those hard-to-reach places.

When new owner Shar Davis first brought the two of them home, she realised Mabel was literally serving as Murdock’s eyes.

“Murdock had to learn how to climb the stairs, and I realised he was following her scent.

“If he gets himself stuck, he’ll just meow and she will come and free him.”


Mabel showed her blind buddy where the food and the litter box was and he’s now pretty good at getting around on his own, Davis stated.

Murdock and Mabel were both from two different litters of young, vulnerable kittens found out on their own.

Wellington SPCA inspectors were able to capture the kittens and take them to the Newtown centre for treatment and further care.

They were fostered together by head vet nurse Heidi Olsen, and that’s where their amazing bond began.

“It was amazing to see Murdock’s progress from when he first came in with such badly infected eyes, to how happy and healthy he is now,” Olsen stated.

Davis has also set up an Instagram page for the kittens, so they can break hearts on a regular basis.