New York Policeman Rescues Black Kitten – and Then Goes the Extra Mile!

NEW YORK – A Yonkers police officer has recently found the silver lining in a terrible case of animal neglect by giving a kitten a new lease on life.

Just on Monday, Police Officer William Pataky arrested Christina Harris for animal cruelty.

She’s been accused of abandoning a dog on the city streets that ended up dying of starvation.

During his investigation, the officer went to search an apartment that the suspect previously lived at and that is where he found a kitten.

The kitten had been abandoned for at least five days and was in need of medical treatment.

Officer Pataky immediately took the kitten to the Yonkers Animal Shelter where she was nursed back to health.

On Thursday, Officer Pataky decided to officially adopt the little kitten.

When asked about the kitten’s adoption, P.O. Pataky stated: “I consider myself fortunate to be able to provide a home for this animal. I don’t know what I will name her yet, but it will be fun coming up with a special name for her.”

Officer Pataky has worked on many animal cruelty cases in the past with SPCA of Westchester Chief Investigator Ernie Lungaro, particularly cases involving animal neglect in southwest Yonkers.

If you happen to have a suggestion on what Officer Pataky should name his new kitten, you can leave a comment on the Yonkers Police Department’s Facebook post.

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