How A Noble Facebook Post Helped Save The Life of Dying Pregnant Cat’s Life!

INDIA – “Hi people, I have a car and I am ready to help those who need to visit hospitals for an emergency. Please do get in touch with me and I will drop you to the nearest hospital for free. Anywhere around J.P.Nagar, BTM or Jayanagar.Call 9632389996”. When Shiraz, who is a Bengaluru-based businessman put up this post on a Facebook group, he simply didn’t realize the impact this message would have on people and that it would go on to save a dying pregnant cat.

Back on July 30, 2016, which was a holiday, it was expected that normal lives of people would be disrupted and even petrol pumps would remain closed.

On asking Shiraz on the reason behind putting up the message, he said “Well, when I heard that during the bandh even the petrol pumps would remain shut and KRV activists were forcing everyone to put down the shutters, I started wondering how anybody in a medical emergency would reach a hospital if they didn’t have fuel in their car or were scared to come out on the road due to the feared risks. I was open and more than happy to take the risk to help drive them in their hour of need and hence put up that post”.

The whole day passed by and Shiraz had gotten no call.

However, around 9 p.m, he got a call from his cousin’s relatives informing him that a cat was sitting near their door, was completely immobile and appeared to be in pain.

Shiraz then immediately rushed to the location and found the cat to be heavily pregnant and stone cold. He, along with his cousin Imran decided to rush the cat to a veterinary clinic where during the course of a scan it was detected that the cat had had a miscarriage and the fetuses were lying dead inside her for more than a week!

The cat needed to receive an immediate surgery to save her life.

Shiraz went on to say: “ We called the surgeon who was in the midst of a wedding function but he was kind enough to rush to the clinic and operate on the cat”.

In the meanwhile, Shiraz posted on the same group about the cat and an animal welfare group began asking for donations to help with the cat’s surgery.

Shiraz shared: “Our faith in humanity was further restored when after the post on Facebook, many people agreed to help and even transferred money online to fund the surgery. There were even people from the UK and U.S.A who had messaged to help the cat and they were ready to contribute towards the expenses. We were extremely overwhelmed on seeing such a positive response and this only inspires us to do more such good work and help people and animals in distress. We got more money than we needed. The extra amount will go towards rescuing other animals in need. In the past also, we have rescued many cats and dogs and will continue to do so”.

The cat’s surgery was a completely success.

Shiraz and Imran both waited to ensure that the cat would be fine before leaving for home nearing midnight.

They visited the clinic again the following morning to find the cat up and active and eating well.

Shiraz stated: “She even recognized us and gave us a head pat, maybe that was her way of saying thank you for saving my life”!

“Looking back at the entire events, we recalled how the cat went to Mr.Fehmi’s doorstep looking for help and how he called me and my cousin Imran to check on the cat. And we were ready anyway since morning waiting for calls to take people to the hospital because of an emergency, but it was God’s will and destiny that we were chosen to get this call and be part of the opportunity to help the cat.”

“We have now given the cat a name – ” Jhansi”, the fighter as she fought against all odds and trusted us humans to save her”.