As It Turns Out, Cats Have a Lot in Common with Panthers

Exotic animals were never meant to live together with us. They were meant to live out in the wild, yet we see more and more stories online about rescued exotic animals now unable to live in the wild. Many people have decided to open their doors to wild animals, but rarely anyone realizes that they’re not the same as animals bred to be domestic. Most wild animals will struggle out of their natural habitat except when it comes to cats.

The link between domestic cats and wild cats has been pointed out more than a few times. Some people believe it, some don’t. If you ever needed more proof, the following pics will show you that domestic cats are just like black panthers. Both love to cuddle a lot and even make the same faces.

Don’t take our word for it – see for yourself:

They have fearsome fangs

They’re great athletes

…in more ways than one

They look fierce when on the prowl…

Or on the move…

…or just hanging out

Beware of sharp objects

But they also have a soft side

For a long time, everyone believed that black cats are harder to adopt than cats with a different-colored coat. Science, however, isn’t clear on the subject. Studies have shown that black cats are adopted 31% of the time, although they’re also euthanized in 30% of cases. What is a well-known fact is that animal shelters don’t put black cats up for adoption around Halloween. Considering the widespread belief about black cats bringing bad luck or being demon spawn, that’s probably a good idea.