People “Staying Behind” to Save Stray and Displaced Cats and Dogs in War-torn Syria

An ambulance driver in Syria by the name of Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel became world-wide famous for his simple and kind act- he feeds the animals who were left behind in the war zone.


Now, he is not alone!

A couple of images taken in the war zone region are now revealing the devastating truth, that animals too are indeed also victims of war. Despite the tragedy, the animal lovers from Syria have recently formed SARA- Syrian Association for Rescuing Animals and they’re all working hard to rescue the animals in the warn-torn Syria.


“We put the animals in our houses and dogs on a farm in Damascus,” says Tamara Sa, of SARA.


“We have more than 50 cats in three houses and more than 50 dogs on the farm and in our homes.”

The volunteers from SARA are constantly in the field, often risking their own very lives in order to feed the stray animals. They have also created an educational campaign directed at kids, to teach them respect, compassion and empathy for these animals.


“It’s hard for us to work in this bad situation in Syria. It’s not safe for us. It’s hard to find adopters and donors, but we decided to stay here for them,” Tamara said. “We are their last hope.”

Yet another amazing organization called “Animals Syria” is working to take some of the animals saved by SARA, to send them for adoption to Europe.