Woman and Her 24-year-old Senior Cat Rescued from Fire!

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Izabel Lam holds her 24-year-old cat, Louisa, after the FDNY put out the fire that engulfed Lam’s Brooklyn home on Monday.Photo: Paul Martinka

NEW YORK – A candlelight memorial dedicated to a Brooklyn woman’s recently deceased dog may have been what sparked a massive blaze that nearly killed her and her 24-year-old cat early this morning, Monday.

Izabel Lam, 68, said she had gone to bed with a candle burning every night since her 12-year-old rottweiler Kavita passed on back in February.

The FDNY could not say officially say how the fire started, but Lam said she believes the candle may have been the cause of the fire, which spread quickly through her two story home on Kermit Place just after 7 a.m.

A neighbor saw smoke being emitted from the house and saved the woman’s life by waking her up.

“I woke up and I heard loud banging on my front door,” Lam said.

“The flames just expanded through the whole house; 10 seconds that’s it.”

The woman managed to get out of the burning house but was still worried about her elderly cat, Louisa, which she believed may have been in the back yard, as per the feline’s normal morning routine.

Lam said she was stunned when a firefighter walked out of the blaze holding Louisa in his arms.

“I was surprised she was inside the house,” she said. “I guess she was trying to find me.

Lam said she had been living at the home alone since back in 1997. But when Kavita died, she started lighting the candle as a way of remembering her.

“She was my baby,” Lam said. “I got her when she was three months old.”

Lam and her cat, Louisa, thank an FDNY firefighter.Photo: Paul Martinka

Lam and her cat, Louisa, thank an FDNY firefighter.Photo: Paul Martinka

“I miss her” she added. “I think she might be trying to tell me something.”

Lam said she’s happy her cat Louisa survived, who is still well and kicking at age 24.

“She is going to outlive all of us,” she said.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation by the FDNY.