Rare Kitten Born With ‘Two Faces’ Grows Up Into The Most Beautiful Cat Ever

This incredible Two-Face cat has recently been getting all the online attention. It was born with a natural fur coat split down its face, which have equal black and grey halves. Although it seems like something out of a sci-fi experiment, the more reasonable explanation is that the kitty was born like that as a result of fusion between 2 embryos.

Experts are not exactly sure what caused the cat’s stunning feature. The cat does look incredible, and has amazed millions of people online.

The cat was born in France and her unique feature is certainly a sight to see.

These cats are known as Chimera cats, and greatly differ from other cats. Nature painted Nika the cat perfectly black and grey, and we just can’t stop looking at her!

Chimera is a term that comes from the ancient Greek language, and describes a mixture of snake, goat and lion.

As you can see, the fur of the cat is a perfect combination of grey, white and black. Nika has white paws and a bit of white patch under her chin.

Amazingly, the colors are split evenly, with a line that separates them nicely.

The cat has become a recent Internet attraction, and has thousands of fans on social media.

As we already said, chimera cats probably come as a result of fusion between 2 embryos, which gives them their unique features. They are definitely a pleasure to look at, and Nika is certainly great at posing!