Meet Rory! Adorable “Dashboard Kitty” Loving and Enjoying Life! – VIDEO

Rory is the best dashboard ornament a driver could hope for!

A photo posted by Rory Da Roarier (@its_rorrry) on

Known by his followers as “the dashboard cat,” the pictures you see here aren’t just a one time thing. Apparently Rory LOVES to relax and kick back on his human’s dashboard!

We’ve all heard of the dreaded “backseat driver.” Rory has his own cute approach!

Rory is a rescue cat. He was rescued back in 2015 and sadly, he suffers from feline leukemia virus. but that doesn’t seem to slow him down at all from enjoying life!

Rory’s social medias are dedicate to raising awareness for shelter animals.


A video posted by Rory Da Roarier (@its_rorrry) on

What an adorable cat!