Rescue Ginger Kitten Gets an Unusual Friend to Grow Up With!

A family in Kapan rescued a tiny 3-day-old kitten who was found without his mom and siblings. They immediately took him home and gave him an unusual friend to grow up with.

This is Koma!

When he was found he was so young and small that his eyes hadn’t even opened.

“At that time, he was alone, and he was about 3 days after birth,” explained the Mai Narushima. They decided there and then that he should join the family.

They wanted nothing more than to document Koma’s growth and thought it would be fun to get him a friend to keep him company. When they saw an Ultraman figurine which was at the same length as him, they thought it would make the perfect companion.

The family placed the Japanese super hero next to Koma, it looked as if Ultraman was watching over him.

Once his eyes were finally open, Ultraman gave Koma guidance whilst learning to walk.

After plenty of play time, there’s absolutely nothing better than a cuddle and a nap.

As you can clearly see, this very unlikely pair totally adore each other…

They spend most of their time together, especially hanging out in their secret hideout!

Before too long, Koma was twice as tall as his friend.

As you can see here, Koma is a big kitty now!

And he recently celebrated his first birthday…

Even though he has grown up, though, they are still best buddies!

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