An Entire Neighborhood Shows up To Mourn Neighborhood Cat!

CANADA – After 20 long years, Jasper the cat passed away.

”The 40 people at the memorial for the cat are aware that it’s the most Glebe thing ever. But Jasper was 20 years old and the coolest,” David Reevely stated on twitter.

“He was found as a stray by Highway 5 a long time ago.”

“Jasper the cat was fed at least four houses. And by craft services for a TV series shot in the Glebe for a bit.”

“He went out at Pretoria pet hospital with his face in a can of Tuna Supreme. We should all be so lucky.”

One woman told a story about when she moved into her place 10 years ago, knowing nobody in Ottawa. Jasper the cat walked right in the open door and ‘hung out’.

Three housemates who are in their 20s often saw him lying in their planters and so they nick-named him Plant Cat.”

Much of this was news to his “owners,” Henry and Jenny, who had no idea their kitty was a real cat of the people!

They owned him to the extent that they paid for his vet bills.

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”The main thing about Jasper was he didn’t give a damn about threats. He crossed streets slowly. He slapped dogs.”

“His ashes are now in a box engraved with his name, buried under a tree in the park he haunted, marked with a white cross and a photograph.”

“I didn’t know he was a Christian until tonight,” one neighbor remarked.

“After Jasper was buried, his owners distributed little cups and went around with bubbly.”

“The entire neighborhood toasted him”.

“At the end of the ceremony, the children present took turns throwing earth onto his little box”.

“My five-year-old was good at the memorial. When we got home, he burst into tears.”

“Jasper was a first-rate cat and it’s neat that a whole neighborhood got to share him”.


RIP Jasper!