Three Tiny Rescue Kitties Found Abandoned in a Crate

Volunteers at the Cat Haven in Western Australia found these tiny little ones who all needed some help. They took them in.

“These little guys are just three weeks old! They were abandoned in a crate at Cat Haven with nothing but a note say their mum was a ragdoll,” Cat Haven WA wrote on Instagram.

This is the story about Gandalf, Arwen and Gwen. Their new adventure began the day they were rescued by the volunteers at Cat Haven.

They were little kitties experiencing their foster home for the first time.

All three of these cuties are now in forever homes.

“It is always hard to say goodbye but these babies are ready for their next adventure! Fostering is challenging at times but so rewarding to know you saved these babies lives,” said their fosterer via Instagram.

Who would be able to turn them away?