Rescued Kittens Make it to Paperback and Kindle

The front cover of Cat's Cradle, by Karen Ritson

The front cover of Cat’s Cradle, by Karen Ritson

WHITBY, ONTARIO – A woman who help find homes for a litter of abandoned kittens through an appeal in the Whitby Gazette has written a new book about it.

Karen Ritson found the kittens in a house she rented out in Hull and brought them back to her home in Whitby.

Her new book, Cat’s Cradle, A Story of Rescue, Love and a Cat called Pablo Picasso, is based on the true account of her discovery of the abandoned kittens and beginning a new life in a North Yorkshire Moors village.

A recent book signing at Becketts coffee shop in Whitby went well and Karen sold out of the first print run of 100 within two weeks of the publication.

The publisher is the aptly-named Shabby Tabby Press, which has now gone on to make two further, large print runs.

Cat’s Cradle is selling well online for both Kindle at and paperback and locally, and it is available at The Dispensary on Whitby’s Hunter Street.


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