Riga Builds Tiny Cat Homes for the Coming Winter

Riga, the capital of Latvia, may be the most generous cat city in the world. Thanks to a project called “Outdoor cat houses”, a total of 80 tiny cat houses have been built all over the city against apartment buildings in an effort to help cats survive the often-harsh Latvian winter.

The houses have been built using donations made to the Cat Care Community. They will keep hundreds of cats warm and safe in the coming winter and hopefully inspire people in the areas to care for the strays by giving them food and sterilizing them.

Every house is designed for 4-5 cats. They are made of wall and are properly insulated. Two exits are made for each house made with a sturdy frame that will last for years.

If you ask us, the whole world should follow Riga’s move. Strays deserve to be safe and warm in the cold winter days.