Sabertooth Tiger Strolls Down The Road – Then Pedestrian Gets A Bit Too Close

A few weeks ago, everyone was enjoying sunny Los Angeles until a prehistoric creature walked down the street. Yes, you read that right – a sabretooth tiger walked down the streets of LA and terrified everyone around!

Imagine seeing the huge cat – you would surely be terrified and excited. However, one can help but wonder what is an extinct animal doing on the streets in California? Well, it isn’t actually a live animal – it’s a life-sized (and pretty accurate we must say) robotic model!

Even though a robot, take a look at the cat – it’s pretty precisely made and moves just like the real thing. If we saw it strolling down the street, we would surely not be able to tell the difference. The robotic cat was attached to a leash and led by two handlers, and it moved pretty lifelike if you ask us.

If you’re wondering what brought a robotic sabretooth tiger on the streets of LA, it was promoting an Ice Age Encounters exhibit at the Brea Tar Pits and museum. The smilodon, as the sabretooth is also known, enjoyed some Ice Age treats from a local ice-cream truck and even took pictures with fans.

Kids were the first on the scene, and adults joined in later.

Take a look at the sabretooth below: