Siamese Cat “Miss Fudge” Is Taking the Internet by Storm!

This gorgeous kitty is the sapphire jewel to her owner’s crown.

Miss Fudge has become an international success – in demand by literally hundreds of social media users.

This captivating Siamese cat is a hit with feline lovers for her crystal blue eyes, silky fur coat and her cheeky behavior, which her owner is now posting in videos on a daily basis to keep up with the demand of nearly 1,000 followers.

It’s a life that insurance sales worker Jo Rogers from Ocean Village never quite expected, but after entering seven-month-old Miss Fudge into a cat photo competition early in the year her beloved cat had admirers pouring in.

Now Miss Fudge has her very own fanclub on Facebook after Jo, 35 entered her for the King Pet cutest cat competition and she came third.

Jo stated: “I just can’t believe how far it’s gone, of course I adore Miss Fudge she is absolutely gorgeous and a real star but it’s amazing to see how much everyone else loves her too.

“I entered the competition as a laugh but had so many people commenting about how beautiful Miss Fudge is and wanting to know more about her, she’s become a social media celebrity.

“I think it’s her eyes, they’re like sapphires they’re so pretty.

“It’s amazing to see how popular she has become, I love how there is such a massive community of cat lovers, I post things on our Facebook page every day, cute photos funny videos and everyone loves them it’s great fun to do.”

Jo lives with her two cats Miss Fudge and Mr CJ, who’s 10 and husband Mike, who is 45 – who is just as equally as crazy about animals as his wife.

Now Jo is using her beloved pet’s fame to help other cats and is currently planning to start fundraising for animal charities throughout the year.

She went on to say: “I have always loved cats and always had them, I’ve had Mr CJ for years, he is hilarious. Cats have so much character they’re so interesting and entertaining.

“While I was in the cutest cat competition I came across a woman from America who is campaigning to get her cat back home after he was abducted.”

Jo is now planning to host raffles, cake sales and other fundraisers in Southampton to assist the Bring Mr No Ears Home campaign.

The campaign was launched by Leigh Ann Richardson from Ohio to save a semi feral cat whose name Mr No Ears, who is a popular street cat living in Portugal.

He is distinctive as he has no ears or an eye. Mr. No Ears was stolen by pet scammers more than seven months ago, and Leigh Ann is hoping to get him home to Albufeira with a 4,000-strong petition.

Jo then added: “It’s an example of the cat community pulling together to help and I really wanted to get involved – Leigh Ann had her cat in the competition and when she didn’t win I really wanted to help her raise money to keep campaigning, I love cats and I think they should all have a loving home like Miss Fudge.”

To follow Miss Fudge’s journey or find out more about Mr No Ears, join the ‘Cat Miss Fudge Rogers Fanclub’ group on Facebook: