Meet South Korea’s Most Unusual Police Officer

SOUTH KOREA – Molang the cat is a dedicated member of the Gang-seo police station in Pusan, South Korea.

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Three of the officers first encountered Molang when they witnessed her kitten when it was hit and killed by a car. The kind men buried the kitten and the mother watched them from the distance.

Three months later, she was back at the guard post when the very same three officers were on duty. They noticed that she was pregnant once again, and so they decided to take her in.

The police named the cat Molang, which means “do not know” because they knew absolutely nothing about her.

The provided a safe place for her to deliver and raise her kittens and even cut the cords on them!

Now Molang even has her own police uniform! The kittens also seem eager to follow in mom’s footsteps, so they have their own tiny uniforms too!


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