Meet the Cat Who Chose The Shelf In A Store To be His Forever Shelf?

LONDON, ENGLAND – One stray cat it seems has hit the headlines after he strolled into his local supermarket and decided to make himself comfortable on an empty shelf, apparently not put off by shoppers passing by.

Interestingly, the cat selected a shelf in the sweets section of the shop, next he moved onto the Fruit Pasteilles.

The kitty in question was photographed by shopper Jenny Stevens, in a branch of Sainsbury’s in South London, England.

Jenny said that, “Even a visit from the shop’s security guards hadn’t managed to move the pussy cat on.”

Another shopper filmed the cat strutting around the shop as if he owned it,

The deputy manager of the Sainsbury’s branch, Georgios Michalaris, told Mashable the cat belongs to the people who live next door.

“When they left it outside the cat came in the shop and sat on the shelf.”

“Staff at the store tried to remove the cat but it just wouldn’t leave,” he said.

Michalaris said that one of his colleagues did eventually manage to scoop the bargain-hunting cat up and return it to its rightful home.

“Looks like there was a mix up with our Kit Kat delivery today,” a Sainsbury’s spokesman quipped.