Kittens Found on Highway Wrapped in Blanket And Saved by Kindness

These two kitties were found abandoned on a busy highway wrapped in just a blanket, but the kindness from a woman changed their lives forever.

Malia M. shared the story with the people from Love Meow:

“Bo and Marlo were found wrapped in a blanket on the side of a busy highway. Their rescuer saw the blanket moving on the side of the road and pulled over to find two small kittens who had either been tossed from a car or abandoned on the side of the highway, wrapped tightly in a blanket. She rushed home with the kittens, cleaned them up and warmed them, cared for and fed them, and started looking for a home amongst friends.”

“Several weeks passed and a home could not be found. Around the same time, I was temporarily staying with friends until an apartment was ready. Through mutual friends, I learned that these two small kittens could not find a home, and their temporary foster parents could not keep them much longer. After speaking with my housemates, they agreed that these babies could live with us until I was able to move into my new apartment in a few weeks.”

Upon being rescued they were both badly in need of a bath and they both needed as much TLC as they could both get.

“I’m so thankful for the people who rescued these two sisters, for everyone that supported me until that apartment was available, and for these two kitties who show so much affection for each other and for us! They are very social – Bo loves people and loves a party, especially – and welcoming to everyone they meet.”

They love to play and climb on their temporary foster father.

Bo and Marlo bonded quite well and can be found cuddling often.

“They don’t often go too far away from me. I had to set up a ‘cat bed’ area next to my computer while I worked because they wanted to be close to me.”

All grown up now! “They are very close to each other and to me (and my husband), and are the sweetest cats I’ve ever known.”

None of this would have been possible had they not been rescued.