Sweet Kitten Absolutely Refuses To Budge From His Sister’s Side When She Gets Sick

TEXAS – People might disappoint us, but kittens will always be good.

Just take a look at the tiny, pure, innocent faces of Martin and Purrla.They are two extremely cute kittens who were born at Friendswood Animal Control in Texas after their mother was taken in as a stray, having gotten in a terrible fight when she was pregnant and ended up with a broken leg and a severe infection. Sadly, shortly after all of her kittens were born, Martin and Purrla’s mother passed away.

Her leg was just too infected for her to survive. In the loss of their mother, siblings Martin and Purrla, bonded. They actually comforted each other, snuggled up together, and refused to be apart, staying by each other’s side no matter what. When little Purrla became ill, Martin refused to leave her side.

Thanks to Hurricane Harvey, the shelter where the kittens are currently residing had some issues with their central heating. It became chilly, and Purrla developed a cold.

Sweet Kitten

She wasn’t up a all for moving, playing, or doing much else that kittens like to do for fun.

However, Martin didn’t ditch her for a second, cozying up right next to his sister all day and night, refusing to move even for food.

‘Upon reflection, I now think Martin knew exactly what was wrong with Purrla,’ Troy, a volunteer at the shelter, said to The Dodo.

‘That she was too cold. Every day he sat there on top of her. No biting, no wrestling, no ear twisting. He wouldn’t even get up to eat.

‘We had to spoon-feed him because he wouldn’t get up for water.
Only to use the facilities, then it was back to the watch post.

‘When we went to inspect her after we noticed she was blinking and meowing again (before she only slept and ate) he hissed at us. Didn’t take a swipe, just a hiss, and everyone was surprised.’

What a protective brother, indeed.

Luckily, after two days Purrla actually made a full recovery, and she and Martin were able to get back to playing and cuddling like regular kittens again.

Once she was entirely better, the kittens were sent to their forever home – together, of course.