The Inspiring Story of Rescued Sister Kittens, United Through Adversity and Destined for a Loving Home

The Rescue of Sister Kittens Zelda and Saphira

A rescue organization in Montreal received a call about two young kittens in need of help. The 7-week-old kittens were weak, unable to separate from each other, and infested with fleas. They seemed to have not yet been weaned, so they clung to each other for comfort.

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First Steps to Recovery

The rescuers brought the kittens to a shelter, where Celine Krom revealed that there were initially three kittens, but one, sadly, passed away. Throughout their ordeal, Zelda and Saphira remained inseparable, sticking together and keeping each other in their sights.

Zelda and Saphira

Treatment and Foster Care

The sister kittens received treatment for eye infections and gastrointestinal issues before being placed in foster care. In their foster home, they learned to eat solid food and blossomed into playful, pampered kittens.

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Bonding with Their Foster Family

Zelda and Saphira quickly developed a fondness for games and sought their foster family’s attention with their antics. Despite their newfound playfulness, they remained inseparable, enjoying activities such as watching the world outside their window.

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Growing Up and Exploring the World

Celine notes that the kittens are very active and curious. Zelda is slightly more independent, while Saphira is sociable and outgoing. The two kittens continue to stick together, providing comfort and companionship to each other.

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Finding Their Forever Home

After several months in foster care, the adorable sister kittens will soon be ready to find their forever home, where they can receive the love and attention they deserve. As Celine fondly says, she just adores them!

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