10+ Cat Luxuries You’ve A Probably Never Thought Of …

Check out these crazy cat luxuries.

A spoiled cat doesn’t just have better food than his humans and an expensive comfy bed.

Our cats now-a-days need much more than that in order to truly thrive!

Just take a look at some samples of pet cats being spoiled by their worshiping humans!

Try not to get too jealous!

Cat sized bedroom

Custom made hammock

Every king needs a kingdom

Expensive leather couch

Chalice of kitty

Who said sushi is just for humans?

Cat playing with his iPad in his tent…

Royal Bedroom

Now that is a real house!

Fancy Cat hotel

Traveling on a private jet

Super fancy breakfast on bed!

Super fancy breakfast, but not on a bed

“Nom nom, LOBSTERS!”

Winter is no longer scary

Hello, officer!

Personal couch

Abstract-looking condo

He sleeps on the fur rug…

Christmas dinner on golden plates